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The Perth Climate is Harsh. The Actron Air ESP range is the only Aussie Designed unit on the market that is built to operate in Perth Heatwave Conditions (up to 50 degrees Celsius!). They outperform all other Air Conditioning Units on the market and are 60% more efficient thanks to their award winning Variable Fan Speed Technology. We have been in the Air Conditioning Industry for over 21 years and after trying to work with foreign made units that just can’t stand up to the Perth heat, we have made the move to Actron Air. Now it’s your turn. actron-air-logo-ducted-air

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Ducted Air Perth have been involved in Air Conditioning Perth for over 21 years. We have seen how much this industry and technology has changed over the years and how important it is to pay attention to the small details and provide a consistent and excellent service. We only use the very best quality products and tradespeople and all of our Air Conditioning Perth work is carried out with precision and care.

If it’s not good enough to be used in our home we won’t use it in yours.

I look forward to helping you choose the right system for your home and designing something amazing and perfect just for you.


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Ducted Air Conditioning Perth: Finding the Best Choice for Every Home

Ducted Air Conditioning Perth: Finding the Best Choice for Every Home

So you’ve done some research and decided on purchasing a Ducted Air Conditioning Unit for your Perth Home. Great Job! Now its time to decide which brand to get. What you choose next could literally cost you thousands of dollars in the Long run. It is not necessarily the cheapest Unit that will save you the most. In fact through our 21 years Experience we have seen that the best Choice Ducted Air Conditioning Perth can get is one that is Australian Designed and built for the harsh Australian Climate.

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Actron ESP Plus Smart Energy Zoning

Actron ESP Plus Smart Energy Zoning

Actron Air’s Amazing Smart ESP technology means you save thousands of dollars in running costs over the life of your Air Conditioner. Watch the Smart ESP Technology video to see how Australia’s best performing Air Conditioner can also be Australia’s Most Efficient Air Conditioner.

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We are proud Dealers for Actron Air Conditioning. An Australian company specialising in premium Australian Designed Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Systems made for the harsh Australian Climate. These systems are up to 60% more efficient saving you up to $900 on your energy bill every year. These Air Conditioning systems boast advanced, award winning ESP Technology which allows you to separately control zones on your smart phone wherever you have an internet connection.

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