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We are proud Dealers for Actron Air Conditioning. An Australian company specialising in premium Australian Designed Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Systems made for the harsh Australian Climate. These systems are up to 60% more efficient saving you up to $900 on your energy bill every year. These Air Conditioning systems boast advanced, award winning ESP Technology which allows you to separately control zones on your smart phone wherever you have an internet connection.

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Ducted Air Perth have been involved in Air Conditioning Perth for over 21 years. We have seen how much this industry and technology has changed over the years and how important it is to pay attention to the small details and provide a consistent and excellent service. We only use the very best quality products and tradespeople and all of our Air Conditioning Perth work is carried out with precision and care.

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I look forward to helping you choose the right system for your home and designing something amazing and perfect just for you. Read More About Ducted Air Perth micheal-king-sig  linked-in General Manager, Ducted Air Perth

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We are proud Gold Status Dealers for Actron Air. Over 2 decades experience in the Perth Air Conditioner Industry has shown us that Actron Air products are the superior air conditioner for Perth and can deal with the harsh Perth Summers better than any other system on the market. We have seen it first hand. Your home, your family deserve the best so contact Mike today and Ask him about Actron Air and why their range of ESP units are the best Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Perth can get.



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Actron ESP Perth – Heroically Efficient Air Conditioners

Actron ESP Perth – Heroically Efficient Air Conditioners

In homes with ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning, keeping operating costs down is mostly about choosing the appropriate system from the start. These air conditioning units from Ducted Air Conditioning Perth can provide the ultimate in versatility and comfort, but can be costly to run if the homeowner isn’t careful and does not follow some basic rules of AC efficiency. Read on to learn what can be done with existing systems to cut costs and increase efficiency. Actron ESP Perth – Check Out the Unit’s Energy Rating There are two measures of Actron ESP Perth air conditioner efficiency: the EER (energy efficiency rating) and the COP (coefficient of performance). The higher these two numbers, the greater the unit’s efficiency and the lower the operating cost. Air conditioners from all manufacturers must have the COP and the EER stated on all advertising literature. The COP and EER are measured under standardized conditions in a laboratory, and these figures don’t measure benefits when the unit’s airflow and fan speed are lower. Australia’s Actron ESP line contains the only units that allow compressors to operate at only 10% capacity and fans to run at 20%. Conventional units can only reduce fan speeds by half or even less. Actron ESP Perth – Size the Unit Properly It’s important to buy a unit from Ducted Air Perth that’s the right size for the home. If the unit is too small, it will work too hard and won’t be very efficient. If it’s too big, air will be treated unnecessarily. The easiest way to get the right size unit is to buy from a trusted local dealer in... read more
Ducted Air Perth – Your Actron ESP Perth Dealers

Ducted Air Perth – Your Actron ESP Perth Dealers

Actron ESP Perth – The Best Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning for your Home Turning a home into the ultimate heating and cooling system can help families defy the elements—cool air for the exercise room, and something a little warmer for the bedroom. The ability of Actron ESP Air Conditioners to accurately control the exact temperature of each room is second to none. Why? Because not only do you get precise control for each zone, you also get award winning efficiency only found in the Actron ESP Perth Range. Whilst there are other systems that offer separate zoning control, none can operate with the efficiency of the Actron Air ESP range.   Actron ESP Perth – How does Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Work? Air conditioning units work on a heat-pumping principle. Heat pumps work with the following methods: Fans draw hot air over cold liquids, and the air is cooled before flowing back into the home. The warmed refrigerant evaporates and moves into the compressor, which creates heated, pressurized gas. The gas is forced into the heat exchanger, which allows the heat to dissipate and the refrigerant to cool down again. Refrigerant flows through an expander that lowers pressure and cools it so it can absorb heat once more. As suggested by the name, a reverse cycle air conditioner from actron esp can be used for heating and cooling. What makes Actron Air ESP so great is their unique Inverter Technology, which allows fan speeds to adapt to the required cooling or heating load placed on it by the settings of each zone. Other systems only operate at one speed and so constantly... read more
Air Conditioning North Perth Installation

Air Conditioning North Perth Installation

Recently we installed a new Air Conditioning Unit for Raine and Horne in North Perth. Ducted Air Perth have over 21 years experience in these larger Commercial Air Conditioning Perth Installations. This large Actron Air 19kw system had to be hoisted onto the roof using a crane from West Swan Crane Hire. Once the unit was mounted on the roof, this Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Unit was fixed into place and the ducting ran through the ceiling space to each zone of the building. This Actron Air ESP unit came with all the latest technology Actron Air has to offer and yet again we finished up the day with some very happy clients who will now enjoy Australia’s most advanced and efficient Air Conditioner.      ... read more
Ducted Air Perth – The Commercial Air Conditioning Company for a Perth Sub Division

Ducted Air Perth – The Commercial Air Conditioning Company for a Perth Sub Division

At the moment we are laying the ground work for the Air Conditioning for a Perth Subdivision. The Prelay process involves laying the correct Pipe, Drains and Cable in preparation for the Subdivision units. Ducted Air Perth are used by Perth builders to install Air Conditioner in Perth housing developments such as this. Our experience means we are trusted by Perth Building Companies to install Air Conditioning Systems for new houses and units. In this particular subdivision, we have been called in to correct a major problem which would have caused major issues if gone undetected. A previous Air Conditioning Company had failed to lay the correct size piping and cabling. To replace these once site works had progressed would have been very costly. Thankfully the incorrect installation was detected and Ducted Air Perth were called in to fix up the mess. We have been able to lay the correct size piping and complete the prelay project in 2... read more
Actron Air Connect – Power to Your Fingertips

Actron Air Connect – Power to Your Fingertips

One of the reasons so many people love Actron Air is the Actron Air Connect system. Actron Air Connect helps you have control over your Actron Air ESP System, making the Actron ESP range the best Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Perth can get. Actron Air Connect Video This Actron Air Video shows just how awesome Actron Air Connect really is. Transcript is below: Actron Air Connect Video Transcript We’ve just moved into our new home and the first thing we did was install a new ducted air conditioning from ActronAir and the best thing about it, we can control it all from our mobile phone. Ever left home and forgot to turn the air con off or you’re too lazy to get off the lounge? ActronConnect makes it possible. You can turn the system on or off. You can check the indoor temperature, change the temperature, adjust from cooling to heating, auto or fan-only mode. To adjust the fan, select here. You can turn the individual zones on or off and can even rename the zones. There’s even a ton of functions to turn it on or off when you need it. ActronConnect, a great innovation from Aussie company ActronAir, something that will keep my family comfortable all year round. [End of transcript] Actron Air Connect – Full Climate Control From Your Smartphone Not only can you use Actron Air Connect to turn on or off your Air Conditioner wherever you are (at home, work or out and about) but with the ESP award winning technology you can control individual zones within your home. This means you not only have... read more
3 Actron Air Reviews

3 Actron Air Reviews

Actron Air Reviews Actron Air are building a reputation as Australia’s finest Air Conditioners. They are Australian designed and built to withstand the Australian Heatwave conditions with an operating temperature of up to 50 degrees! We thought we would check out some reviews and hear why people love Actron Air ESP Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners.   If you are looking for a high quality Air Conditioning system that will withstand the intense heat of the Australian summer, then Actron Air can provide you with the ideal Air Conditioning system. Actron Air has designed their Air Conditioning systems to specifically withstand the intense Australian weather. Even during the most intense heatwave, ActronAir will provide you with an Air Conditioning system that will not falter. Because of the high level of quality and continued innovation in creating the new technology, ActronAir has been awarded with several prestigious awards including the Coolward award. Andrew Rossilo notes in the Austrailia Business Review that professionals aren’t the only ones who are praising the ActronAir ESP line; both residential and commercial users of the ESP line have written reviews that reinforce the quality and innovative technologies that have been developed by ActronAir.   3 Actron Air Reviews – Review #1 ActronAir ESP Ultima: “Flexible and Energy Efficient” The ActronAir ESP Ultima system is one of the most popular Air Conditioning systems in Australia for many different reasons. In the review written by F6AO, the reviewer points out that the ESP range of Air Conditioners provide high levels of energy efficiency, but there are many more options to personalize the system to meet the... read more

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