Wall Split Perth

Here’s the latest Panasonic Inverter Wall Split we installed.  This was for a client in Dianella, Perth WA.  They had a large room with vaulted ceilings that required an 8kw Panasonic Inverter split.  We recommended the Panasonic unit as it has superior air control via its two way fins that allow you to split the airflow perfectly left and right.


As you can see every professional job requires a professional finish.  We only use 100mm duct covers and always use a duct end to cover the pipes providing a seal against the weather and pests.  We also allow a 20mm fall so that the condensate drain can work effectively and not block up.  We always install our units on anti vibrating 100mm plastic feet.  This keeps the unit perfectly stable and balanced as well as allowing airflow around the condenser.  This also aids in the maintenance and care of the system as debris can be easily cleared from underneath.

Don’t forget that at the moment all Panasonic ducted systems are helping with the rising cost of electricity by providing $400 cash back on all ducted systems and up to $200 back on all inverter split systems via redemption.

Panasonic Air Conditioning Perth



If we can be of any assistance to you with a Wall Split Perth let us know


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Panasonic Air conditioning Perth

Panasonic Air Conditioning PerthWinter in Perth is fast approaching and the nights are starting to get colder now is the time to act, and buy and install a Panasonic Ducted air conditioning system. Panasonic have a great promotion running at present on there range of ducted air conditioning systems where they are giving away $400.00 of electricity costs to help pay for your winter power bills through the specialist dealer network. In my opinion it could not have come at a better time as here in Perth we are getting hit with further price rises in electricity.

If you would like more information on Panasonic air conditioning Perth promotion free to call us or if you would like a quote for ducted air conditioning email us through your plan. We Cater for all levels of service at Gmtair form supplying all the components to Perth’s air conditioning contractors to Supplying a fully designed system supplied as a Diy kit for all the well skilled handy men that are looking to save money on the overall project. We can also arrange a fully design and installed system to a high standard as we have access to the best air conditioning contractors in Perth that treat the job as if they where installing it in their own home. Panasonic air conditioning specialist logoOur email address is sales@ductedair.com.au. We only use high quality proven products supplied by Gmtair which have resulted in happy customers with problem free highly efficient Panasonic Air conditioning Perth systems.

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Ducted Reverse Cycle Air conditioning Perth

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning Perth is very efficient form of heating and cooling your home. In Perth we are experiencing record cold nights at the moment so coming home to a nice warm home makes life better.

I have just recently installed a 14kw  Panasonic ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system in my home and I have been very surprised at the running costs my power bill only increase about $80.00 for approximately 5 weeks running.When you consider a trailer load of fire wood costs $130.00 and the work that goes with it I would much rather the ducted air conditioning.

So if you are looking for a form of heating and cooling I would highly recommend a Panasonic ducted inverter. We have prices starting from $6500.00 we also have a special available at the moment if a ducted air conditioning system is purchase and paid for in the month of august or September you will qualify for a free led TV (conditions apply)

Email me your plans now sales@ductedairperth.com.au for an obligation free quote on ducted Reverse cycle air conditioning Perth you will not be disappointed in price or service we can offer install times 72 hours from time deposit is cleared

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Diy Air Conditioning Perth is a great way to Heat and Cool your home

Diy Air Conditioning Perth is a great way to heat and cool your home. winter is fast approaching it is time to do something now before the weather gets too cold. In a 8 hour day you could install your own ducted air conditioning system and save yourself  over $1000.00 dollars.

A lot of air conditioning companies might tell you it has to be done by a professional. That is partly correct in my opinion  if you have the system designed and sized by a reputable component supplier like Gmtair they supply quality ducted air conditioning kits to service the Perth market. They sit down and listen to your needs and then design a system that best suits the way you live. Whether it be a ducted Evaporative cooling system or a ducted reverse cycle system they cater for all budgets. They also give you helpful tips to make the manual work of installing your air conditioning system a lot easier.

If you can use a saw and climb a ladder you can install your own ducted air conditioning system.There are parts of the system you cannot do unless you are qualified like the Electrical this has to be done by a licensed electrician, for a Ducted evaporative cooling system you would also need a plumber. If you chose a ducted reverse cycle system you would need a Qualified refrigeration mechanic to commission your system.

So be brave and give it a go and install your own Diy Air conditioning System in Perth before winter sets in and keep your home warm.

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