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Actron Air - The Best Ducted Air Conditioning Perth Can Get

When it comes to Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Perth, You Cant Beat Actron Air. The only Australian Designed Air Conditioner that saves you up to $900 every year in energy bills thanks to its award winning efficiency. Call 1800 111 007 to get a free quote or click on the button below to request a call back.

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Why Actron Air Can’t be Beaten

After 21 years in the Perth Air Conditioning Industry we got sick of people telling us how expensive it is to run their Ducted Air Conditioning System. We found even the “top” brands would consume huge energy because they are designed overseas and can’t cope with the unique Australian heatwave conditions. Actron Air is the only Australian designed system built for Australian Conditions. Our Customers now tell us how cool their homes are with an Actron ESP System and there’s no nasty surprises come bill time. Call us today for the best residential air conditioning and commercial air conditioning Perth can get.

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Why We Can Give You the Best Actron Air Prices

We are Perth’s only dedicated Platinum Actron Air Dealers. We don’t have a huge warehouse or expensive showroom. Just a committed team who specialise in Perth’s Best Air Conditioners. With fewer costs we can offer better Actron Air prices and we personally stand behind every install and provide ongoing support and expertise that you just won’t get from the big Perth Air Conditioning Companies.

So before you sign up for your new Actron System Call Mike at Infiniti Air (formerly Ducted Air Perth) for the best Actron Air Prices and Service.

What Makes the Actron ESP Range so Efficient?

Actron Air Conditioners are efficient because of their Variable Fan Speed Technology which allows the unit to adjust fan speeds and therefore energy consumption. This technology works with their Smart Zoning feature which means energy consumption is significantly reduced and you isolate the zones you choose to keep comfortable.


Actron ESP Plus - Up to 60% more Efficient


Actron ESP Platinum - Up to 75% more Efficient

Why Choose Actron Air Ducted Air Conditioning for your Perth Home?

Award Winning Efficiency

The Award Winning Actron Air ESP technology is amazingly efficient, yet powerfully effective. This technology allows the unit to vary its fan speed based on zone temperature demand. You will save up to $900 every year based on verified energy modelling and receive outstanding performance. Making Actron Air ideal for those looking for high comfort and low running costs.

Smart Zoning Control

Only the Actron Air ESP Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Systems have Smart Energy Zoning which not only enables you to control which rooms you cool or heat, but energy consumption adjusts accordingly saving you heaps. Through the Actron Air Connect App, you can control any zone in your home from anywhere.

Aussie Designed

The Only System Designed by Australians for the Harsh Australian Climate. ESP Units are built to operate in extreme heatwave conditions of up to 50 degrees celsius. No other system can. And because it’s Australian you know you are getting a reliable system that is fully backed by the Infiniti Air team. A reliable system is better for you and us and its one of the reasons we chose to only provide Actron Air.

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Ducted Air Conditioning Perth by Infiniti Air

Ducted Air Perth (now called Infiniti Air) have been involved in Air Conditioning in Perth for over 25 years. We have seen how much this industry and technology has changed over the years and how important it is to pay attention to the small details and provide a consistent and excellent service. We only use the very best quality products and tradespeople and all of our Air Conditioning work is carried out with precision and care.

If it’s not good enough to be used in our home we won’t use it in yours.

I look forward to helping you choose the right system for your home and designing something amazing and perfect just for you.


General Manager, Infiniti Air (formerly Ducted Air Perth)

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Ducted Air Conditioning Perth News

The Actron Que Wall Control

Actron Que Wall controller integrates two components that create the perfect air conditioning system. Find out what are these features and benefits.

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Free Ducted Air Conditioning Upgrade from Actron Air

Get a Free Ducted Air Conditioning Upgrade this April! This April purchase an ESP plus system and only pay the equivalent price of a system one size smaller. These Ducted Air Conditioning Perth Specials for Actron Air don’t come around too often, so take advantage today. There has never been a better time to get Australia’s Best Air Conditioner for your Perth Home.

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What KW Air Conditioner Do I Need?

There’s a lot to keep in mind when purchasing an Air Conditioner. There is the amount of Power or KW that you need, as well as the question do I need 3 phase power or can my system run on single phase? Thankfully Actron Air makes the whole process of getting an Air Conditioner much simpler because they supply their 17 and 19KW units in both Single and 3 Phase Power. This means you don’t have to worry any more about expensive 3 phase power installations and can simply chose the Air Conditioner by Actron Air that is optimised for your home.

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5 Easy Ways for Businesses to Save Energy

Is your business energy efficient? You could be saving a lot of money by simply utilising some simple, energy efficient practices. Check out this post on 5 simple tips for saving energy for your Perth Business.

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Energy Efficient Home Ideas

When you are building or renovating its the perfect chance to consider a few additional changes and save thousands. Check out these 5 simple Energy Efficient Home Ideas you can implement in your home design / modifications.

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Hot Summer In Perth Predicted Thanks to El Nino Effect

Its Gonna be a hot one! Thats what is Predicted for this Summer in Perth thanks to the El Nino Effect. What exactly is the El Nino Effect? How Exactly does the El Nino Effect Perth? Just because its probably going to be hot, it doesn’t mean you need to have huge energy bills to stay cool. Talk to us about Actron Air Platinum Plus and the huge savings on your power bill.

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Actron Tri Capacity – Perth’s Best Commercial Air Conditioner

When it comes to Commercial Air Conditioning in Perth, the Actron Tri Capacity is a complete game changer. With Superior technology this system can save you about $20,000 in running costs compared to other systems. This makes the Actron Tri Capacity the right choice for Perth Factories, Shopping Centres, Large Warehouses, Offices, Schools and Auditoriums.

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Energy Saving Tips- 5 Things You Can Do to Reduce Your Power Bill

According to the Synergy Website, the biggest contributor to power consumption in Perth Homes is the heating and cooling of it. There are a number of simple things we can do to reduce our energy bills each year. Those things can add up to a saving of around $150-$200 which is pretty good. But one simple decision can save you up to $900 every year! Thats Right folks, get an Australian Designed ESP platinum Air Conditioner and save.

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Actron ESP Platinum Review

One of the best ways we can verify if a Product is Excellent is to hear from those who have actually purchased it and use it on a day to day basis. Here we look at Actron ESP Platinum Review from 3 people who have purchased this Air Conditioner. Find out what they are saying about their system and decide if it is right for you.

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Check Out the ESP Platinum Plus Air Conditioner Today

The ESP Platinum Plus by Actron Air is by far the best choice in Air Conditioning for your Perth home or business. Find out why this Australian Designed system Out Performs all other systems on the market. Find out why you can save up to $900 per year with the Award winning efficiency of the ESP Platinum.

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Why Actron Air is the Best Choice for Your Perth Home

As You’e probably noticed the Actron Air ESP range is the best choice for Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning for your Perth home or Business. With features like Smart Energy Zoning, Variable Fan Speed Technology and incredible efficiency and performance, the Actron Air ESP Air Conditioners are second to none.

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The Straight Talking Video By Actron Air for their ESP Platinum Range

Over the years we have seen many Perth Air Conditioner deals such free Bbq’s with your Air Conditioner and cash back deals. These deals can seem pretty appealing and have influenced many people’s decision. Here we take a look at some Cheeky Actron Air Marketing which highlights the fact that while certain offers may seem like great deals, you are better off getting something that is built to efficiently operate in the Harsh Australian Climate. As Actron Air Point out – with the money you save you can buy an Bbq every year if you want!

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Smart Energy Zoning – Watch the Video

The Actron Air ESP range is the only Australian Designed Air Conditioning System on the market that is built to operate in temperatures of up to 50 degrees celsius. Because of this these systems are suited to the Australian Climate and in particular the harsh Perth...

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Ducted Air Conditioning Perth: Finding the Best Choice for Every Home

So you’ve done some research and decided on purchasing a Ducted Air Conditioning Unit for your Perth Home. Great Job! Now its time to decide which brand to get. What you choose next could literally cost you thousands of dollars in the Long run. It is not necessarily the cheapest Unit that will save you the most. In fact through our 21 years Experience we have seen that the best Choice Ducted Air Conditioning Perth can get is one that is Australian Designed and built for the harsh Australian Climate.

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Actron ESP Plus Smart Energy Zoning

Actron Air’s Amazing Smart ESP technology means you save thousands of dollars in running costs over the life of your Air Conditioner. Watch the Smart ESP Technology video to see how Australia’s best performing Air Conditioner can also be Australia’s Most Efficient Air Conditioner.

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