Actron Air are building a reputation as Australia’s finest Air Conditioners. They are Australian designed and built to withstand the Australian Heatwave conditions with an operating temperature of up to 50 degrees! We thought we would check out some reviews and hear why people love Actron Air ESP Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners.

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If you are looking for a high quality Air Conditioning system that will withstand the intense heat of the Australian summer, then Actron Air can provide you with the ideal Air Conditioning system. Actron Air has designed their Air Conditioning systems to specifically withstand the intense Australian weather. Even during the most intense heatwave, ActronAir will provide you with an Air Conditioning system that will not falter.

Because of the high level of quality and continued innovation in creating the new technology, ActronAir has been awarded with several prestigious awards including the Coolward award. Andrew Rossilo notes in the Austrailia Business Review that professionals aren’t the only ones who are praising the ActronAir ESP line; both residential and commercial users of the ESP line have written reviews that reinforce the quality and innovative technologies that have been developed by ActronAir.


3 Actron Air Reviews – Review #1 ActronAir ESP Ultima: “Flexible and Energy Efficient”

The ActronAir ESP Ultima system is one of the most popular Air Conditioning systems in Australia for many different reasons. In the review written by F6AO, the reviewer points out that the ESP range of Air Conditioners provide high levels of energy efficiency, but there are many more options to personalize the system to meet the specific needs of each customer.

In another Actron Air Review F6AO compared the Actron Air ESP line to the other popular Air Conditioning systems in Australia and concluded the ActronAir ESP line provided far more options to the customers who want to be able to have a specific number of zones that they can turn on/off as they please.

F6AO reported saving more money in energy bills because the ActronAir Conditioning systems could specify which zones were on/off. In similar Air Conditioning systems from different companies, F6AO reported the other companies were unable to provide the same levels of flexibility as ActronAir or the same level of quality. Problems were consistently reported, ranging from defrosting issues to price issues.


3 Actron Air Reviews – Review #2 Actron Air ESP Plus: “Runs Faster and Quieter”

In Another online Actron Air Review, nurse084 indicate the ActronAir ESP Plus the ActronAir Air Conditioner was noticeably quieter than other systems that were comparable in price. The ESP Plus cooled faster than other systems that were comparable in price; and even when the fan was being run at maximum capacity, the volume never increased.

Nurse084 also noted that the temperature remained consistent in the ActronAir ESP Plus, even during intense heatwaves that lasted for days. The reviewer who purchased this particular system lived in a double story house and the ActronAir ESP Plus was able to provide the user with the flexibility and level of comfort that was desired.

Nurse084 was able to customize eight different zones in the ESP Plus system that was purchased and reported that controlling the temperature in these eight zones was easy to understand and convenient to use. Over a long period of time, there were no major equipment malfunctions and the ESP Plus saved more money than any other system had previously.


3 Actron Air Reviews – Review #3 ActronAir ESP Line: “High Quality Products and Service”

Looking on the ActronAir website, you can find many different testimonials from customers who have used their products. Along with the high level of innovative technology that the ESP Line offers, users have consistently praised the quality of the warranty and customer service that ActronAir offers all customers who purchase ESP range Air Conditioning products.

Users agree that ActronAir provides the best customer service, citing a father and his two sons and that founded the company even with the success ActronAir has achieved, ActronAir still remains committed to their customers. Compared to other products that are priced at similar rates, the ESP Line is consistently rated as being a higher quality system that has fewer problems over a long period of time.

ActronAir ESP range Air Conditioners also come with a better warranty that offers a higher level of service over a longer period of time. Representatives who deal with customers who need assistance are reported as being polite, knowledgeable, and willing to go the extra mile to ensure that each customer’s needs are satisfied.


Ducted Air Perth: Gold Status ActronAir Dealers

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More Actron Air Reviews:

Australia’s hot summers make air conditioning a necessity, so residents often want the best quality systems. Many research several models and decide to order after reading Reviews for the Actron Air ESP line. Although there is a high demand for the company’s classic Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Perth clients often consider the company’s ESP Plus, ESP Ultima and ESP Platinum systems the country’s premier models for quality and reliability. Actron Air Reviews also show that customers value the brand’s efficiency, comfort and control.

Customers Love the Savings and Noise Reduction

When writing Actron Air Reviews, clients often remark on how quiet the equipment is. In many reviews of an Actron ESP Perth customers also state that they like the fact that the manufacturer  has been designing cooling systems since 1984. Homeowners say they are impressed with the cost savings provided by Actron’s zoning systems, which allow them to quickly cool only the areas they want. Examples include the following:

  • “Super performance, super reliability and high energy efficiency, Aussie made.  They have been manufacturing for 26 or 27 years in Australia. With regard to outdoor unit noise? Actron Air are very quiet.”
  • “The outdoor unit is not loud at all.  I can feel a difference in our house within 10 mins of putting it on in a hot house…The bit I love the most … the electricity bill wasn’t huge!”

– Full Actron Air Review here

Buyers Love the Control and Reliability

Homeowners who write Actron Air Reviews often emphasize the efficient zoning systems. After comparing other brands to Actron Ducted Air Conditioning Perth residents often buy one of the ESP units in order to control the airflow and temperatures in each area of their homes. Many reviews stress reliability and the fact that the systems are designed with Australian weather in mind. Typical comments include:

  • “After weeks of research looking at daikin vs actron, and getting various installers to quote, I decided to purchase an Actron Air Esp Ultima due to wanting 7 individual zones that could be switched on/off as required. The Actron Esp ultima can ramp down to 10% and just cool one room.”
  • “I have installed hundred of air conditioners and Actron Ducted is my choice for my house. The new ESP Ultima is amazing. I am installing 2 this week in my new house I am building. 8 zone wall controllers and 8 different temps in each room if you want. It will run just 1 outlet or all 12 outlets.”
  • “Actron have developed one of the best Air conditioners, I’ve owned it for 8 years and it works at the hottest temperatures. I had never needed to service it or have it fixed it’s made to last!  Actron is a properly designed air conditioners for the Australian weather.”

Online reviews for Acton Air products explain why the manufacuturer is considered the country’s premier cooling system provider. Many clients order one of the air conditioners after reading about their control systems, efficiency and quality.

Air conditioning is a valued amenity in Australian homes. It keeps family members comfortable, healthy, and functioning, even during the most sweltering days. However, the cost of cooling a home continues to increase with utility costs. This often forces homeowners to trade comfort for savings. Is there a solution that makes both benefits possible at the same time?

With the ever-advancing technological breakthroughs of brands like Actron Air Conditioning, greater efficiency provides this balance. Efficiency, in this case, can be defined as high function with low expenditures of power. Below is a summary list of three Actron Air Reviews that show how these conditioners provide this unique, all-important benefit.

  • One very pleased customer writes about the micro-adjustments this air conditioner is capable of making. Small increment adjustments can change the ambient temperature of a room to within 2 degrees of the thermostat temperature. This is the case in both Actron air conditioners and AC units that also provide heat. This was true of the Platinum Ultra model as well as most others.
  • Unlike many air conditioners, this brand is excellent at reducing output when one or two vents are closed. This helps customers save money by eliminating power expenditures in rooms that do not currently need air conditioning.
  • More options in output adjustments mean greater zone control. Many reviewers have noted that a single average-sized room can be cooled in the summer at only 10% unit output. This amounts to nearly ten times the savings of units that do not have this reduced power feature.
  • Most reviewers note the extremely quiet running of these units. While this does not directly affect costs, it is a convenience that helps with sleep, conversation, and overall family sanity. While this is true of all units, the ESP models received the most accolades for quite running.
  • Efficient, consistent running is only possible with a well-working machine. In an average of three reviews, Actron units go 7-8 years without a single maintenance call. They are well-known for running in large homes for long periods of time without breaking down.
  • Digitally controlled adjustments like temperature, compression rate, and overall energy output puts the savings directly in the hands of the owner. Reviewers have often remarked that this control has helped them reduce air conditioning costs significantly.

This summary of Actron Air Reviews shows the brand is capable of creating the essential balance of efficiency and comfort. Due to advances in digital power output adjustment, customers have historically enjoyed high efficiency, maximum comfort, quiet operation, and lower costs with Actron.