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Ducted Air Perth are a Perth Air Conditioning Company dedicated to providing Perth Businesses and Homes with a premium Air Conditioning service. That’s why we are proud Actron Air Dealers – Perth’s best choice for Australian built Air Conditioners made for the harsh Australian Climate.

Actron Air – Perth Split Systems & Ducted Systems

If you need to cool a single room, then the Actron Air Split Systems are best possible choice for your Perth Home. For cooling your entire Perth home the best choice is an Actron Air Ducted System. These complete Air Systems offer exceptional efficiency and reliability with the ability to set the temperature individually in each room.


Actron Air - Up To 60% More Efficient

  • Actron Air – Up To 60% More Efficient 60%

With powerfully efficient units built for the harsh Australian Climate, choose Ducted Air Perth and Actron Air. It is estimated you will save almost $900 every year in energy costs with an Actron Air System.

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At Home or On the Road, Control Your Actron Air System from Your Smart Phone

Not only is Actron Air Australia’s most efficient and reliable Air Conditioner, It also has incredible, award winning technology built into it’s Ducted Air Conditioning Units. Connect to your system through the Actron Air App – controlling System temperature, mode, fan speed and individual room temperatures all from your smart phone.

Amazingly, these features are available from anywhere you have an internet connection. That means you can check if you left your System on at work and turn it off from work. There is also a timer feature which enables you to set certain times for your system to turn on or off. The Actron Air Perth technology is simply brilliant.

Actron Air Perth + Ducted Air Perth = Your Winning Team

Actron Air Conditioner Service Perth

Not only are we able to expertly help you choose the right Actron Air Conditioning System for your Perth Home, we are also able to supply, install and offer ongoing service and maintenance to your Actron Air Conditioner Unit. With our knowledge of Actron Air Spare parts our services include:

  • Air Conditioner Repairs Perth
  • Air Conditioner Service Perth
  • Source Actron Air Conditioning Parts

Why Smart Homeowners Choose ESP Platinum Plus Air Conditioning Systems

Although there are a variety of air conditioning systems available to Perth Homeowners, many use only ActronAir products. Homeowners rely on the Australian made units because every one is designed to withstand the country’s weather extremes. The company’s ESP Platinum Plus line is especially popular. Its Eco-friendly design provides exceptional comfort, efficiency, and control.

Actron Air Perth ESP Platinum Units – Designed With Australia’s Climate in Mind

ESP Platinum Plus air conditioners are designed and manufactured by Australians who understand the country’s harsh summers. As a result, units use Tru-Inverter technology that allows them to sustain maximum temperatures over long periods of time. They quickly reach operating temperatures of 50 degrees Celsius, even with air temperatures of 43 degrees Celsius. Their increased capacity allows them to maintain stable temperatures when conventional systems would break down.

Technology Provides Constant Comfort

An Actron Air ESP Platinum air conditioner allows you to adjust room temperatures to your own comfort levels. Tru-Inverter technology can automatically adjust capacity from 20 to 100 per cent. It also reaches its maximum capacity 5 times faster than other inverter technologies. Whole house systems include Energy Smart Zoning that lets you run air conditioning in as many or few zones as needed. Programmable thermostats allow you to monitor and control fan speeds, temperatures and zones, as well as change from cooling to heating. Air conditioning systems also minimize indoor and outdoor noise.

Energy Efficient Systems Reduce Costs

Eco-friendly Actron systems dramatically reduce energy usage. Testing shows that the Platinum Plus system uses up to 75% less energy than fixed speed systems and about 50% less than other inverter systems. Built in sensors constantly stabilize temperatures, so that maximum capacity is only used when needed. An Actron Air ESP system also helps lower utility bills because it allows you to cool only the zones you need. For instance, on a hot summer evening zoning lets you cool the bedroom but turn off the air conditioning in the rest of your home.

Actron Air Conditioners Include Remote Control

Actron Connect allows you to wirelessly control your air conditioner, no matter where you are. The technology works with smart phones, Macs, PCs, iPads, and iPods. When you access the system through a supported browser, you use a menu to view settings like system status and current temperature. You can also control all zones and set temperatures.

Actron Air is an Australian air conditioning manufacturer that produces quality cooling systems designed to withstand the country’s extreme weather. Their air conditioning units can keep your home comfortable at all times and reduce energy costs. To learn how Actron equipment will benefit you, contact DUCTED Air Perth today, your supplier of ESP Platinum Plus Air conditioners.

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There are many Air Conditioning Companies Perth has to offer, but not many with over 21 years experience, friendly, honest customer service and excellent knowledge of Australia’s best Air Conditioners. Ducted Air Perth are simply your best choice for Actron Air Conditioners, Perth.