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Our Commercial Air Conditioning Experience

For over 25 years we have worked with Perth Businesses, Industries and Developers to provide excellent Commercial Air Conditioning solutions. We can supply and install Industrial Air Conditioners, Wall Air Conditioning Units, HVAC, Industrial Kitchens, Andetal Ductwork and more. Trust Ducted Air Perth for the best Commercial Air Conditioning Perth has to offer.

  • Actron Air Perth – Up To 60% More Efficient 60%

Save Your Business Up to $900 Per Year 

We understand that every business has a unique set of needs for their situation. We are experts at visiting you on site and drafting up a solution that is unique, efficient and effective for your business or factory. With an optimised system tailor made for your business we can save you up 60% off your Air Conditioned running costs. Our focus is to provide you with the best Commercial Air Conditioning Perth solution within your budget and we never compromise on excellence and workmanship.

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Ducted Air Perth – Installers for:


Ducted Air Perth – Working with Perth Builders 

Ducted Air Perth team up with Perth Builders and Developers to install premium Air Conditioning Units and Systems into Perth Homes. Our product knowledge and experience helps us deliver the best commercial air conditioners Perth has to offer.


Real Estate Air Conditioning Perth

We team up with Perth Real Estate Agents to assist with Perth Air Conditioner Servicing and Air Conditioning Repairs. We understand the importance of quick turn around times and know that time is money. So if you are a Real Estate Agent or Property Management company, trust Ducted Air Perth to take care of your Air Conditioning System in the Perth Properties you manage and are preparing to sell.

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For a premium Air-conditioning Solution for Your Perth Business, Office or Warehouse ask us about our Actron AirRange. The Actron Air products are simply the best Commercial Air Conditioning Perth can get. They are built in Australia for the Australain climate. With innovative energy saving features such as ESP technology and full control over your smart phone, theres no better choice than us and Actron Air Perth for your Commercial Air Conditioning Perth Solution.

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Quality Brands, Excellent Workmanship

At Ducted Air Perth we never compromise on quality or Workmanship. We only use quality, reliable products that are built to last. So whether its an Aircon Service Perth, an Air Conditioning Installation Perth or just some advise or a quote, you can be sure you will get the best advice from Ducted Air Perth.

Commercial Air Conditioning Perth – Contact Us

If you are looking for an Honest and Reliable Air Conditioning Supplier and Installer then contact Ducted Air Perth for all your Aircon Perth solutions. Mike and the team are ready to work with you to achieve a great solution.


Case Study: Why Energy Efficient Commercial Air Conditioners Are the Better Option

When it comes to Energy Efficient Commercial Air Conditioners, many companies now turn to Actron Air Tri Capacity models. Why is this the case? Two companies opted to purchase this model and a case study was done to see if they benefited from the use of Actron Air Conditioning, The results are now in.

The Case Study

Large retail spaces tend to be very difficult to cool efficiently. There are a number of reasons for this, including the sheer size of the space, the exposed ceilings and more. It was predicted that use of Actron Energy Efficient Commercial Air Conditioners in this type of store would provide energy savings over two-stage units offered by competitors. Ecosave oversaw the case study and provided an independent evaluation of the results.

The evaluation took place over a 43 day period. During this time frame, one store received an Actron Tri-Capacity unit and the other store was fitted with a 2-stage fixed speed unit. The Actron unit offered energy consumption savings of 31 percent on average, with values ranging from 10 to 31 percent. Ecosave projected the store with this unit would save 37 percent, on average, every year. Over 15 years, it is estimated the retailer will save in excess of $400,000 and the payback period would be only 2.02 years. The two stage unit used almost 32,000 kWh per day over the test period, leading Ecosave to declare the Actron unit to be the better option.

Features of the Actron Tri-Capacity Technology

  • Perfect for mid to large commercial establishments
  • Rooftop and split ducted systems offered
  • Up to 44 percent in energy savings when compared to traditional units
  • Added comfort
  • Flexible supply and return connections make it easy for installation on most sites
  • Load break safety switch
  • Secondary drain tray
  • Condenser coil guard

Big box retailers need to look into upgrading their current system with an Actron unit equipped with Tri-Capacity technology. Doing so allows for cost savings over the long term while providing energy efficient cooling. Customers are always happier when they are in a comfortable setting, and this unit provides exactly that. It’s time to make the switch to Actron, thus retailers should contact a dealer today to learn more. Contact Ducted Air Perth Today for the best Commercial Air Conditioning.

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