Plastic Air Diffusion

Plastic Air Diffuser Type 1Plastic Air Diffusion in a home is essential for the efficient, cost-effective, optimal operation of heating and air conditioning systems. Attached to the ends of outflow ducts, they rest just inside your walls. Through directional ventilation, they distribute air throughout the room, making sure it gets to where it needs to be to warm you up or cool you down. While Air Conditioning Diffusers, as well as ones for heating systems, can be made of aluminum or steel for larger buildings, plastic diffusers are typically used in homes, due to the lower amount of air pressurization and strength of flow.



Some of the many types and benefits of plastic diffusers are described in the list below.

  • Plastic Air Diffusion grilles (alternatively called plastic air diffusers, air conditioning diffusers, or simply diffusers) come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and configurations. Sizes vary and include 200 mm, 400 mm, 500 mm. They are made in square, rectangular, and circular forms. While the two smaller sizes typically have a four-way blow pattern, the larger ones typically have a six-way blow pattern.
  • In the square and rectangular diffusers, grilles are usually adjustable through a series of levers. This allows you to adjust them so that air flows in one, two, three, or four directions. It also allows parts of the vent to be closed, so as to minimize airflow. They can also be closed completely in the winters, thereby keeping vital heat from escaping.
  • These plastic grille pieces (also called “cores”) are removable to make cleaning easier. Because dust, lint, mildew, mold, and insects are all attracted to ventilation shafts and diffusers, it is recommended that you clean your grilles once a month. This is especially important in the warmer months, when insects are more prominent and people are more likely to track in dirt.
  • Plastic air diffusers belong on the outflow end of ventilation ducts. They are generally easy to install. They come standard with plastic racket clips to ensure they fit snugly on the ends of vents and don’t fall out of walls or ceilings. When necessary, you can order adapters at a low price to attach them to flexible ducting more easily.
    Plastic Air Diffuser 3Plastic Air Diffuser Type 2
  • Circular diffusers are appropriate for reverse cycle air conditioning systems. They come with removal “biscuits” (another type of core) for easy cleaning. They are multi-directional as well, pointing in four directions in a set or adjustable configuration.

The purpose of diffusers is to maximize air flow where you need it while reducing overall heating and air conditioning costs. Though low in cost, plastic diffusers have a significant impact on your heating and cooling budget.