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There’s no doubt about it. Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning is the way to go for your Perth home. It brings coolness in summer and cozy warmth in winter to every room in your home.

With so many different brands on the market it can be hard to know where to start. There are cheap options out there, but you will find the cheaper options just can’t deal with the harsh Perth summers. Even if they do, the more expensive foreign designed brands have very expensive running costs.

We got sick of customers telling us how expensive their Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning was to run after installing it for them. We decided to only stock Actron Air. The only Australian Designed Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning System made for the Australian Climate. We don’t get complaints anymore.

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The Actron Air Conditioning Difference

What makes Actron Air reverse cycle air conditioners the best?

  • Australian Designed
  • Built for Australian Heatwave conditions
  • Award winning inverter technology saves you up to $900 / year
  • Control individual zones
  • Control from your smartphone from anywhere using Actron Air Connect

How Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Creates Efficient Heat

Turning energy into heat is always easy to do. Whether mechanical, chemical, electrical, or biological, any attempt to do work naturally results in the conversion of energy into heat. In the context of heating a home, this means that simply running electricity through appropriately resistive elements can result in near-perfect efficiency.

If creating heat can be simple, cooling an area requires more in the way of ingenuity. One of the most popular approaches is the use of a device called a “heat pump,” whereby heat is extracted from the space needing cooling and moved elsewhere to be dumped. Although the equipment required will be far more complicated than the simplest of electric heaters, a heat pump of appropriate design can actually prove to be far more efficient.

Going Beyond One-to-One Efficiency

An electric-powered resistive heater can approach 100% efficiency, with nearly every bit of energy added to the system converting directly into heat. Perhaps surprisingly, Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning can easily beat this figure, with returns of three or four to one being common.

The reason for this is that a reverse cycle air con system does not actually create heat in the first place. Instead, it draws heat energy from even relatively cold spaces outdoors or underground, added it to the total within a home. While turning energy directly into heat might be easy to do, moving existing heat from place to place can be more efficient by a long shot.

Other Advantages of This All-In-One Approach

A Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning system can therefore cut down substantially on wintertime heating bills while also providing a number of other important benefits:

  • Centralized, Combined Function: Systems of this kind provide both heating and cooling from the same set of equipment. Compared to buying two separate pieces systems, homeowners therefore often save money thanks to the elimination of redundancy.
  • Safe and Easy to Live With: Unlike other styles of heating, reverse-cycle systems do not require the burning of fuel or the use of painfully hot elements. The gentle heat they produce is just as effective at warming up a home, but does so in a subtler, safer way.
  • Long Service Lifetimes: Reverse-cycle systems also hold up well over time. Although they include some moving parts within the compressors they rely on, regular maintenance can ensure that reliable function will be the norm for decades to come.

Available in a Range of Layouts and Styles

Another advantage of systems of this kind is that they are available in a number of different formats, each of which can match up will with particular needs and goals:

  • Portable Units: While they often deliver less output for a given investment, portable reverse-cycle systems can be attractive to renters and those needing only to heat and cool a single room.
  • Split and Multi-Split Systems: Taking a step toward permanence, systems that split the coils and compressors into separate units deliver more capacity per dollar spent, along with generally higher levels of efficiency. Multi-split units can heat and cool rooms to different, individually controlled levels, opening up interesting and potentially money-saving options.
  • Ducted Systems: The most involved and efficient of all, ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems move heated or cooled air through vents placed in each room to be serviced. While the up-front investment tends to be highest, a ducted system will often be the best choice where the goal is to keep an entire home or other building at a comfortable temperature all year round.
  • Geothermal Options: Most systems of this kind draw heat from the surrounding air, whether indoors for cooling or outside for heating. Another possible strategy is to use the heat of the earth itself to help warm a house through the winter. Systems of this kind tend to be the most expensive of all, but they can go beyond even the four-to-one returns that conventional ones typically top out at.

ActronAir ESP: High-End Reverse-Cycle Performance, Efficiency, and Value

Even given the basic appeal of reverse-cycle technology, the equipment on the market varies significantly in terms of quality. The ActronAir ESP Series is widely regarded as the best available, with the ducted, split-system layout offering an excellent blend of flexibility, performance, and efficiency.

  • Designed to Handle Australia’s Extremes: With high-capacity cooling in temperatures of 50° Celsius or more and heating that holds up even when the mercury drops below -10°, the ActronAir ESP, unlike some competing systems, will not struggle when it is needed most.
  • Split-System Flexibility and Ducted Performance: The split-system architecture of the ESP Series allows for up to eight individually tailored temperature control zones throughout a home. The slim, wall-mounted control panel can be accessed when convenient, or an intuitive mobile app employed at any time.
  • Best-in-Class Reverse-Cycle Efficiency: While the reverse-cycle approach to heating is fundamentally efficient, there are good ways of raising the bar still higher. The Energy Smart Performance™ technology of the ESP series allows the system to drop down as low as 10% of capacity when needed, cutting costs and improving overall comfort. Savings of up to 60% compared to conventional designs result from this and other features, paying off quickly in a wide range of applications.

As with other investments, money spent on a reverse-cycle system should be judged against the likely returns over the expected lifespan of the equipment. Given properly matched capacity, an investment into an ActronAir ESP Series system can pay off in increased comfort and heightened heating and cooling efficiency for a long time to come.